Invisible Zippers (#3/#4)

Invisible zippers have been around for a while now and are a standard part of the textile industry.

Standard zippers are either directly visible and recognisable, or covered by an extra piece of fabric to hide them from sight. Invisible zippers are different because they use the zipper tape to produce a closed fit on one side of the zipper and this hides the visibility of the zipper from sight (hence invisible).

Invisible zippers can be directly attached to fabric along a seam and the zipper becomes an extension of the seam completely hiding the zipper from sight without the need for additional fabric.

Invisible zippers are made using gauge #3 mesh zippers and use either a standard top stop or a U type stop. They can be made in any of the standard colours for zippers (about 300 available). #3  Nylon tape in black / white only. #4 Nylon tape in 4090 (light cream) and black only.

Because we manufacture the zippers, lengths are customised to your requirements and any length required can be met (even 10m).

Fireproof Zippers

Available only as a special order.By combining special fireproof tape (currently DuPont NOMEX or Aramid fiber) and metal zippers, we can manufacture zippers suitable for extreme conditions. Uses include fire-fighting clothing, military uniforms, overalls (for oil industry) and motor racing suits.


Fireproof zippers can be made in gauges of #5 and #10.

Zippers can be made with any of the standard metal arrangements (open-End, closed-end, two-way, combination).

If a metal zipper is not acceptable, but a fireproof zipper is required, there are options available.

1. Treated Nylon – combines fireproof tape with nylon zipper where a chemical treatment is used to protect the nylon zipper parts with a temperature rating of up to 180 degrees. NOTE: these zippers cannot be washed as this will cause the chemical treatment to fail and remove the fire retardant effect. This type of zipper is suitable for use in cars and around the home (eg bean bags, curtains, sofas, etc).

2. Plastic – Using plastic zipper teeth with a fireproof fabric tape.

Water Resistant Zippers

Available only as #5  and #7

A water resistant zipper is made by coating the zipper tape with a water resistant film to prevent moisture transmission. The coated film is securely bonded to make sure it will not peel away from the surface.

The films are made using a matte transparent film.

Zippers are nylon and zipper gauges of  #5 and #7 can be used.

Water resistant zippers meet international standards including American Standard (ASTM) and British Standard, SGS.

Applications for this type of zipper include: sports, water sports and diving wear; tents; bags and backpacks for outdoor activities; rain coats and related products.

Due to the nature of these zippers, care needs to be taken to prevent breakdown of the film. As such:

  1. Avoid storing in heat and humidity and keep the zipper away from direct sunlight.
  2. Avoid ironing, bending and tumble drying.

Reflective Zippers

Available only as a special order.Whether you’re wanting to make some high-visibility work gear or are just looking for a novel fashion statement, you should consider reflective zippers as one of your go to options.


Reflective zippers are available as #5 gauge nylon zippers, and use 3M reflective film to make them highly visible when its dark.

Suitable for clothing, bags and other accessories.

Extra Large Chunky Zippers #15, #25

For those who want everything bigger, we have the option of making your chunky (moulded plastic) zippers extra large too.

Extra Large zippers for gauge #15 and gauge #25 can be made although they have limited colours (Black) and limited puller options (Bull puller only).