Metal zippers are the traditional zippers developed over a hundred years ago and are still popular for use. The teeth are metal clasps that are clamped onto the zipper tape at regular intervals. Different metal finishes are used for different effects with brass (gold), antique brass, and nickel being the most popular. The gauge identifies the size of the teeth and their spacing.

Options for Metal Zippers Based on Gauge

Tooth Size and StyleLong ChainClosed EndOpen EndTwo WayGold TeethAntique Brass TeethNickel TeethShiny Nickel/Silver TeethBlack Nickel TeethShiny Gold Teeth
#3XXX XXX   
#10 XX  XX   

Examples of Metal Zippers

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Metal Closed End


Closed End Antique Teeth Zipper


Closed End Brass (Gold) Teeth Zipper

BC5 Shiny Gold

Gold Metal Gold Teeth Closed End (BC5) Only in Black + White colour


NC5 Metal zip closed end

A05, AC5

Antique Brass Zip Open End and closed End

N05 T/W

T/W Metal Zip Two Ways Open End


N05 metal zip open end