Chunky (Moulded) Zippers

Commonly called a chunky zipper, this type of zip is more accurately described as a plastic molded zipper as the teeth are made by injecting plastic into a mold to give them their specific shape. The teeth are then fastened to the zipper tape to form the finished zip. This type of zip is popular in fashion where the chunky look and smooth finish is a desired part of the design. Chunky zippers are manufactured based on their gauge, but this is done mostly to allow size comparison between the different types of zippers.

Options for Chunky Zippers based on Gauge

Tooth Size and Style Long Chain Closed End Open End Two Way Silver Teeth Gold Teeth

Examples of Chunky Zippers

Manufacture Code Zipper Description Image of Zipper
VC5 No. 5 Closed End Chunky Zipper
VC5 Silver No. 5 Closed End Chunky Zipper - Silver
VC5 Gold No. 5 Closed End Chunky Zipper - Gold
VO5 No. 5 Open Ended Chunky Zipper
VO5 Silver No. 5 Open Ended Chunky Zipper - Silver
VO5 Gold No. 5 Open Ended Chunky Zipper - Gold
VO5 T/W No. 5 Open Ended Chunky Two Way Zipper
VC8 No. 8 Closed End Chunky Zipper
VO8 No. 8 Open Ended Chunky Zipper
VO8 T/W No. 8 Open Ended Two Way Chunky Zipper
VC10 No. 10 Closed End Chunky Zipper
VO10 No. 10 Open Ended Chunky Zipper