Nylon/Spiral Zipper

Nylon or spiral zippers are produced by threading a nylon thread of a specified gauge through the zipper tape in a continuous spiral. These zippers can be used in any situation, but their durability and strength make them ideal for luggage and outdoor accessories which require a rugged strength to survive. Nylon zippers will normally outlive their sliders. Smaller gauged nylon zippers are also used for fashion garments where the invisible zipper styling is becoming very popular.

Nylon zippers can be manufactured in any of our standard colours. This includes the colour of the nylon zipper, the zipper tape and the slider. For slider selection view our Popular Nylon Sliders.

Options for our Nylon Zippers Based on Gauge

Nylon Gauge Long Chain Closed End Open End Two Way R Type O Type 8 Type X Type Invisible C/E U Type Top Stop
#2 (TMO)
#3 (RT-4K)
#4 (RT-6)
#5 (RT-7)
#7 (RT-10)
#10 (RT-25)

Examples of Nylon Zippers

Manufacture Code Zipper Description Image of Zipper
INV No. 3 Closed End Invisible Zipper
PC3-2 No. 3 Closed End Nylon Zipper (2 stitches)
PC3-4 No. 3 Closed End Nylon Zipper (4 stitches)
PC5 No. 5 Closed End Nylon Zipper (4 stitches)
PO5 No. 5 Open Ended Nylon Zipper (4 stitches)
PO5-TW No. 5 Open Ended Two Way Nylon Zipper (4 stitches)